A Destination Guide to the Maldives

Maldives Travel guides and Maldives Travel Tips and destination information to make your visit to Maldives a flowless one. Whether you want a back-packing trip through our club islands, isand hotels and back-packing hostels in Male’ or exclusive water bungalore retreats or even spend your entire trip crusing across Maldives, our selected destination guides would help to plane from your door step all the way to our white sandy beaches. Our extensive catalogues will be available to download for reading at your convenience shortly.

Emergence of Whale Shark tourism in the Maldives

It is believed that 3% of global shark wildlife tourism money is spent viewing whale sharks in the Maldives Whale Sharks are the largest fish in the world but the impact of this great and fascinating creature on the economy of the island nation of the Maldives is...
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