‘Mashuni’ recipe: breakfast in paradise

“Mashuni” is a common breakfast food that is loved and eaten by Maldivians everywhere. It’s a very versatile meal which could be seen as a true reflection of the Maldivian people because, they will never fail to surprise you!

It is normally made with, tuna, coconut, chilli & lime, though recipes may vary. It’s eaten with a Maldivian flatbread called “Roshi”. Indian Chapatis are a good substitute for roshi, Its also serves a a good sandwich filling without the coconut (Tuna melt ugggh omg….)

Traditionally the dish includes smoked tuna or small dried tuna chips instead of the more modern… tinned tuna. Adding chopped curry leaves adds a nice flavour to mashuni & please.. don’t skip out on the salt! You can also soft boil some potato / butternut squash / pumpkin, remove the skins/seeds and mash those veggies into the mashuni after it has cooled. This is a really tasty and filling variation.

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