The healing power of touch

In this era of PC screens and mobile phones many of us have fallen into the habit living most of our lives within our heads. We experience constant conversations with ourselves, live off to-do lists, make decisions, and deal with some form of mental anxiety throughout the days, weeks, months and years.

This dynamic lifestyle tends to disconnect us from our bodies and can deplete once vibrant energy levels. A good night’s sleep can prove difficult due to this constant chatter in our heads. It’s no surprise that we might find ourselves reacting to normal day to day situations in a hostile way and we wonder how we have slipped into an often self-inflicted unpleasant situation.
Regular touching has been proven to establish our mind-body connection to such an extent that blood pressures decrease, immune systems strengthen and the quality of sleep improves so much so that stress levels fall, improving our overall quality of life.
Baros Spa, would like to invite you to experience the specifically designed Baros Signature Combination Ritual. This will assist in establishing your mind-body connection for an overall feeling of wellbeing. The ritual lasts for two and a half hours enabling you to experience a private steam bath in a luxurious treatment room before you relax into a coconut and lime scented full body polish.
This is followed by the intuitive Baros Signature Massage which integrates four unique massage styles, namely Balinese Deep Tissue Massage, Swedish Kneading Movements, Hot Stone Massage and the relaxing Thai Stretches to leave your mind and body in a peaceful state. To complete this ritual, we let you experience a nourishing Scalp Treatment using local repairing coconut oil for dull and lifeless hair, along with a blissful scalp massage. This will leave you in touch with your body, relaxed, refreshed and able to live life again in complete happiness.

Sunrise Sandbank Yoga, Baros Maldives
Sunrise Sandbank Yoga, Baros Maldives

Wild Thing Pose
Camatkarasana (cah-maht-kah-RAHS-anna) Start in Adho Mukha Svanasana (DownwardFacing Dog).

  1. Bring your weight into your right hand and roll onto the outer edge of your right foot like Vasisthasana (Side Plank Pose).
  1. On an inhalation, lift your hips with buoyancy. Stay strong in your right hand making a clawing action with the fingers. Keep the head of the right arm bone back. On an exhalation, step your left foot back and place your toes on the floor with your knee partially bent.
  2. Curl back through your upper back to create a sweeping action of the shoulder blades into the back of the rib cage.
  1. On an inhalation lift your hips higher until you curl more into a backbend with your right foot solid on the ground.
  1. Keep breathing and curl your head back, extending your left arm from your heart and expressing your power and freedom.
  2. Hold for five to ten breaths, return to Down Dog and repeat on the other side.

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