Diving adventures in Ari Atoll

Within a close range of magnificent dive sites, while boasting one of the best house reefs; Kandolhu is your key for unforgettable dive adventures in the Ari atoll of the Maldives. Our top picks for the dive sites are described in better detail below with two Marine Protected Areas making the list.

Hafza Thila – Dubbed as the shark point, Hafza Thila comprises of a small coral formation rising from the ocean bottom to 10 metres below the surface. Grey reef sharks navigate in the varying currents while fat tunas dart in an ecstasy, hunting schools of neon blue fusiliers – a dazzling show weaved by nature. Baby white tip reef sharks join the party at the top level of Hafza Thila, often concealed under patterned table corals.

Diving, Kandolhu Island

Fish Head and Maaya Thila – Registered both as Marine Protected Areas of the Maldives, these dive sites provide the ultimate dive experience. Long regarded as the prime spot to witness mature Grey Reef Sharks and a plethora of fish, diving here can be likened to swimming in a healthy live fish soup. Be wary of the strong current as an experienced skill set is required to brave these waters. You are rewarded to close encounters with schools of fusiliers, batfish, bannerfish, trevally, tuna and the famed red snapper (the nickname coined for the national football team!).

Diving, Kandolhu Island

Fesdu wreck – A combination of a wreck dive and a deep dive; this is strictly for the advanced certified divers. Measuring 30 metres in length this former coastal fishing trawlers has been submerged for over 30 years – enough time for beautiful coral blooms to bud into homes for longnose hawkfish, damsel fish, and glassfish. The wreck is adjacent to a pristine coral formation rising up to 12 metres, home to vibrant nudibranch, slugs, flatworms, octopus, scorpionfish and even frogfish. Reef mantas frequent these waters during certain time of the year making it one of the most valuable dive sites.

Diving, Kandolhu Island

The dive boats in Kandolhu offer heart-warming services and those listed above are 20-25 minutes away at a maximum. Our professional deck hand and PADI/SSI instructors ensure you surface with a beaming grin after witnessing the marvels of the aquatic realm.