Sunny Maldives


Sunny Maldives Limited was incorporated in the year 2000 with the intention of developing tourism related business in Maldives – Recognized by Ministry of Tourism Republic of Maldives.

The company first was registered under Marvelous Maldives Limited, and then later under a reform program the company rebranded its name as Sunny Maldives Limited.

Sunny Maldives Limited had complete reshuffle of the management in the year 2006, having felt the importance of driving the company along with the competition and to tune the company for the ever changing cutting edge world.

The company’s very first operation started from Airport, where it helped to find hotels & resorts for the flight only travelers (FITs). Many clients were quite satisfied with the service and in no time the traffic became huge to the airport (the only airport in Malé).

Since its start up Sunny Maldives has major two re-launches. In January 2005 the company boomed its operation in various levels, started working with all the resort islands and directly contracting with individual resort Islands. Made heavy marketing campaigns and participated in major tourism Fairs worldwide.

In 2006 August, after major reshuffle the company has clearly set out its visions, objective and doubled its marketing campaigns.

Today Sunny Maldives Limited is one of the most trusted and reliable tour operators in Maldives. Sunny Maldives give various tour operations services; including flight handling, resort wholesale allocation, bookings, and etc.