An evening spent at 135° East on Maafushivaru

135° East – They do sound like GPS or compass coordinates. But not in Maafushivaru, a magical island set in the southern tip of Ari Atoll in the Maldives as the coordinates refer to the name of its famous ‘Hibachi restaurant that opened in 2012. Sounds interesting enough?

Dining at 135° East, MaafushivaruDining at 135° East, Maafushivaru
Dining at 135° East, Maafushivaru

The art of teppanyaki hails from ancient Japan and has been around since centuries where using the Teppan (iron grill) was key to cook meats and vegetables. Soon it developed into a huge success and gained a remarkable popularity for its eclectic showcase of talents while producing delicious treats. The combination of sushi and teppanyaki was born and has then grown into one of the most popular cuisines enjoyed by many around the globe.

Food, Maafushivaru

To find that in the Maldives is even better, and Maafushivaru took the opportunity to serve the finest and freshest ingredients delicately created as you spectate. A talented chef skillfully captivates the audience as he flutters kitchen knives and forks, carving meats and vegetables combined with an elegant showmanship of the secret arts of Teppanyaki cookery. Minutes later
you’re served sizzling hot food served with condiments and the right amount of zest infused.

135° East, Teppanyaki and Sushi restaurant, Maafushivaru
135° East, Teppanyaki and Sushi restaurant, Maafushivaru

The restaurant is set on an overwater pavilion connected to a private jetty. Auburn flamed sunsets are frequent backdrops to complement your dining experience paying tribute to its unique name; 135° East.

Akon To Perform In Maldives This January

The Ministry of Tourism of the Maldives is organising a free concert in the capital city Malé for the 8th January with the acclaimed Senegalese-born and current US-based R&B and hip hop artist Akon.

The event was announced through a video message from Akon which was shown during the Tourist Arrival Countdown show held on New Year’s Eve where two Indian Bollywood musicians Salim – Sulaiman performed.

Salim - Sulaiman perfoming at National Football Stadium on New Year's Eve.
Salim – Sulaiman perfoming at National Football Stadium on New Year’s Eve. Photo credit: Haveeru

This is the second attempt by the four time grammy nominated artist to perform in the Maldives. The first attempt was in 2010 which was cancelled after the tickets were sold saying the technical assistance and security measures were not up to par.

The 2010 performance attempt was hugely opposed by the then Islamic Ministry and several religious groups. Speaking in response to public discord over two Indian musicians playing in the Maldives on New Year’s Eve and Akon’s performance scheduled for Thursday to the local daily newspaper Haveeru, Tourism Minister Adeeb said that foreign artists and musicians are invited to perform in the Maldives as a means to promote tourism and has nothing to do with religion and that they are simply a means to promote Maldives as a brand.

He also said “These shows are for promoting Maldives’ tourism. While the entire world has started to see Malé City as a lair that harbours members of the Islamic State or extremist militants, foreign artists performing here will show the world what the situation here is truly like. Maldives does not belong to the Islamic State.”

Pop/Dancehall/Reggae singer Sean Paul
Pop/Dancehall/Reggae singer Sean Paul

Akon’s announcement to perform in Maldives comes after Jamaican Grammy Award winning International star Sean Paul – who was supposed to perform during Tourism Arrival Countdown Show 2014 – cancelled at the last minute after a YouTube video was released threatening the artist with death if he performed in the Maldives.