Hotel Jen Malé Maldives named “Leading Business Hotel” at MTA 2016 for the fourth consecutive year

Hotel Jen Malé Maldives celebrates with great pleasure its win of the “Leading Business Hotel” award at the MATATO Maldives travel Awards held at Olhuveli Beach Resort and Spa on November 20, 2016.

Celebrating its fifth anniversary this year, the MATATO Maldives Travel Awards is regarded as the most prestigious and comprehensive awards programme for the Maldives’ travel and tourism industry. It covers a series of countdown shows and, a full day travel conference with international travel institutions, entrepreneurs and executives from all over the tourism industry, all under one roof to celebrate and discuss opportunities, challenges and innovative ways to further the Maldives’ travel industry. The main event is a gala award night which follows the conference.

The hotel would like to take this opportunity to thank each and every member of the staff for their continued contributions and loyal support to Hotel Jen, Malé, Maldives and its followers who helped clinch this prestigious accolade by voting in the MATATO Travel Awards 2016.

As a leading business hotel, in Male the capital city of the Maldives, the hotel will continue to build and maintain integrity and set benchmarks in service delivery within a highly competitive industry. Hotel Jen Malé, Maldives would like to intrigue guests by letting them experience the best during their stay in a “leading business hotel”, thus making the hotel their first preference for their future stays.

As such, the hotel’s focus has been on strengthening the training and development of its associates to promote world-class levels of productivity, develop leadership and skills and capabilities in view of creating a pipeline of talent to ensure the highest standards of excellence which are consistent with Jen’s unique brand of style and service delivery.

Hotel Jen Malé, Maldives comprises 117 rooms, ranging from Deluxe Room, Deluxe Ocean View Rooms and Executive Rooms. The hotel is ideally situated amidst the bustling government, business and shopping precinct with easy access to the city’s main commercial centre, as well as to the Ibrahim Nasir International Airport via a seven-minute speedboat ride. Hotel Jen Malé Maldives is the ultimate destination for business or pleasure and an ideal place to relax and revive before an onward journey to the Maldives’ exotic islands.

The hotel’s highlights includes an open-air rooftop restaurant boasting the highest dining peak in the Maldives, with unparalleled vistas of the city alongside an infinity pool that offers a panoramic view of the Indian Ocean; The Lime, an all-day dining restaurant on the first floor that is renowned for its international cuisine, including, delightful flavours of Indian, Chinese, Malaysian and Sri Lankan dinner buffets; and the recently opened Jen’s Kitchen, a Grab & Go concept restaurant on the lobby level which soon became one of the most popular eateries in the city. In addition, Hotel Jen houses two meeting rooms, a ballroom that offers the perfect setting for prestigious social events and large conferences, a 24-hours gym and the famous Aristo Spa, where guests can indulge in a massage to wind down the day.

“I am very excited, happy and so proud of my team. A big thanks to our guests and all who recognise the commitment and quality of service we deliver everyday” said Rahim Flynn, the hotel’s general manager. This is the fourth consecutive year that this Shangri-La property has accepted the “Leading Business Hotel” award at the MATATO Maldives Travel Awards.

Children’s Day Celebration at Hotel Jen Malé Maldives

Hotel Jen Malé, Maldives held a Children’s Day mixed cartoon theme in the hotel’s ballroom.

In keeping with Hotel Jen’s focus of supporting causes related to children, the hotel invited children from the Beautiful Eyes Down Syndrome Association of Maldives and their parents and the teachers and caretakers of Children’s Home (Kudakudhinge Hiyaa) to Children’s Day event.

Childrens Day Celebration, Hotel Jen Malé Maldives
Childrens Day Celebration, Hotel Jen Malé Maldives

Hotel Jen Malé, Maldives has been steadfastly hosting this joyful event to mark International Children’s Day for the past four years.

The hotel prepared games, prizes and refreshments for the children and their parents, who participated in various activities and had a lot of fun at the party, which offered all kinds of recreational facilities suitable for kids aged 1to15 years old. The ballroom was transformed in-to a fun, colourful party station featuring children’s games, painting activities, a cartoon handicraft area, musical chairs, a colouring station and many more. A theatre like area was especially set up to air cartoons on an LCD projector for the kids.

Childrens Day Celebration, Hotel Jen Malé Maldives
Childrens Day Celebration, Hotel Jen Malé Maldives

The hotel’s pastry chef and pastry team created a big Minion cake for the children to celebrate their special day. The party was concluded with cake cutting ceremony by the children themselves.

Childrens Day Celebration, Hotel Jen Malé Maldives
Childrens Day Celebration, Hotel Jen Malé Maldives

The staff and the parents of Beautiful Eyes Down Syndrome Association of Maldives and Children’s Home helped makes this event such a success.

“We are always striving for innovation and providing distinctive experiences for guests of different ages at Hotel Jen Malé, Maldives. Every kid is an angel and we hope they can have a great time here at Hotel Jen Malé, Maldives on Children’s Day “said Mr. Rahim Flynn, the hotel’s general manager.

Childrens Day Celebration, Hotel Jen Malé Maldives
Childrens Day Celebration, Hotel Jen Malé Maldives

In striving to be a leader in corporate citizenship, Hotel Jen Malé, Maldives continuously finds ways to offer support to underprivileged communities. Hosting this event has been both a privilege and a humbling experience for everyone at the hotel. It has been most gratifying for the colleagues to see the smiles light up the children’s faces as they looked forward to enjoying the hotel’s fun annual Children’s Day Party. Children’s Day is one such occasion where the young ones can cherish a memorable day of fantasy.

Hotel Jen Malé Maldives conducted a play date and enjoyed a tea party with Beautiful Eyes Down Syndrome Association children

Play dates with kids are so much fun. Hotel Jen Malé, Maldives colleagues recently hosted a play date with a tea party for the Down syndrome association Beautiful eyes of Maldives children. This visit was in conjunction with the Down syndrome awareness month.

Mr. Ansam Ahmed the founder of Beautiful Eyes Down Syndrome Association welcomed the colleagues of Hotel Jen Malé, Maldives. He briefed the hotel team about their roles in the community and shared the success and challenges they face running such an NGO.

The play date concluded with drawing, colouring, and painting sessions with the assistance of the Hotel Jen colleagues. The kids were also served fresh pastries and drinks for their enjoyment and to add more fun.

Hotel Jen General Manager Mr. Timothy Sainsbury said that “the colleagues of Hotel Jen are passionate about societal concerns and Down syndrome being one of the associations where we have continued to help for the past years makes me proud”. He also added that the Hotel assures that we will continue to support by helping Beautiful eyes Down syndrome association in future.

Ansam Ahmed from Beautiful eyes Down syndrome association of the Maldives said that Hotel Jen has been very supportive to the association in every way, and that the Down syndrome association of Maldives is strengthened to continue their activities due to the support of Hotel Jen.

After the fun playdate the children received individual gifts that made for an even more memorable experience. It was a joyous afternoon with the children and teachers at the Down syndrome association.

In conjunction with World Tourism Day, Hotel Jen opened its door to hospitality and tourism students from the Maldives

Hotel Jen welcomed several groups of hospitality and tourism students from Ahmadhiyya, Kalaafaanu School and Maldives National University for a private tour of the hotel, both front and back of the house, in conjunction with World Tourism Day from September 27 till mid-October 2015. The students had a valuable interaction session with the hotel’s senior management staff.

Selvarathinam Thangavel, Hotel Jen’s training manager, welcomed the visiting students and the lecturers and, introduced them to the hotel’s senior management staff, who ran a series of valuable informative sessions introducing respective areas of responsibility and what a day at work inside Hotel Jen is all about.

Mr Thangavel briefed the students on Hotel Jen’s pride in and commitment to giving back to the local community in various ways; such as through CSR activities and, Awareness and, youth projects, including internship programmes, which serve as vital exposure and “hands-on- experience” that boosts chances when seeking employment.

The Maldives’ core economy is tourism hospitality and the opportunity to excel here is limitless for those who not only dare to dream, but also put in the effort.

Mr Thangavel added a note of appreciation and thanks to the lecturers of Ahmadhiyya School, Kalaafaanu School and Maldives National University for organising the trip and, giving Hotel Jen the opportunity to share its knowledge.

Appointed staff from the Human resource Department, under the guidance of Mr. Thangavel, led the visiting students on a personal tour of the hotel, from the lobby, to the outlets, guestrooms, spa and then to all areas not seen by guests, such as the kitchens, linen rooms, workshops, staff areas, offices, and so on.

The tour ended with a stop at Hotel Jen’s magnificent rooftop Restaurant, Azur and the highest dining outlet in the Maldives. The visiting students and lecturers were taken aback by the amazing feel of the restaurant and terrace overlooking the infinity pool and the million-dollar view, as always with everyone else the students had a ball of a time with selfies.

The students and lecturers were treated to some tasty refreshment with Jen’s hospitality at Lime Restaurant, the hotel’s all-day dining restaurant.

The school’s lecturers showed their remarkable appreciation by expressing how much the students enjoyed the trip and how it opened their eyes to not only what Hotel Jen is all about on the inside, but also what it takes to keep it going as the leading hotel in Malé, at the mention of which all the students cheered.

Hotel Jen Malé Maldives organizes free medical day in conjunction with World Heart Day for the staffs

Hotel Jen Malé Maldives by Shangri-la the popular hotel among tourists and businessmen in the heart of the capital city Malé, recently organized a Health Awareness Campaign in conjunction with World Heart Day 2016 for its employees as part of its initiative on corporate social responsible programs. In Partnership with IGMH Hospital Cardiac Dr. Ayesha Zara Naseem gave a highly comprehensive presentation on the importance of healthy living, diet and exercise to the employees who attended the seminar.

The campaign tackled about the causes of unhealthy routine which is mainly due to hectic work schedules and fast paced life, health is often neglected. Hence, Dr. Ayesha reminded that the best approach and easy method to maintaining a healthy lifestyle is to plan out strategies which include a balanced diet, healthy eating habits and doing physical activities.

Dr. Ayesha also emphasized that a balanced diet includes maintaining low intake of salt and trans fats found in fast food and to include an aerobic routine or walking schedule daily to boost heart and physiological functions as well as to help reduce stress levels. Some of the significant benefits of having a healthy lifestyle include decrease risk of diabetics, blood pressure, heart disease, cholesterol and certain cancers.

Mr. Zafer Agacan General Manager of Hotel Jen Malé Maldives said: “As the success of an organization is directly related to the health and welfare of its employees, Hotel Jen Malé Maldives conducts a series of programs every year to educate and promote health. In our present day lifestyle, health is a factor that if often overlooked. However, as Dr. Ayesha pointed out, if corrective measures are actively implemented, such as healthy living, intake of a wholesome diet and inclusion of an active and regular exercise regimen, one can definitely maintain good health of body and mind.

The seminar brought together hotel management and staff across all departments who are reminded with the old passage ‘Health is Wealth’ which means a healthy body means a healthy lifestyle.

The seminar also included health checkup for the employees of Hotel Jen Malé Maldives which was provided for them free and which witnessed an enthusiastic response from the staffs and encouraging them to do regular check up to stay healthy and live a healthy lifestyle.

Dr. Ayesha and Hotel Jen Malé Maldives indicated the need to implement the recommendations of such awareness camps and seminars underlines the importance of regular check-ups to detect problems that can be easily remedied and to make sure that the staff’s health is perfectly monitored.

Hotel staffs expressed their appreciation for the initiative of this day’s organization that confirms the commitment to their health and enhance communication and affiliation means.

Shangri-La and its properties are well knowns for the part in corporate social responsibility and raising awareness and contributing and conducting initiative awareness programs every year for their guest’s staffs and the society.

The Spice Route Challenge 2015 Finale Indian Cuisine Cooking Challenge for Non-Indians

Hotel Jen Malé, Maldives will host the finale of the Spice Route Challenge 2015; a cooking competition of Indian Cuisine by Non-Indians at Azur Restaurant at the rooftop. The finalists who excelled at the semifinal round on 29 August 2015 are four aspiring Maldivians; Miss Aminath Abdul Rasheed, Miss Aminath Maeysha, Miss Aishath Shifa and Mr. Mohamad Ashrag.

Hotel Jen Malé, Maldives

Hotel Jen General Manager, Ms Vathsala said “the finalists spend the last week at Hotel Jen familiarizing and working with their respective appointed buddy-chef of the hotel. They worked along and featured their dishes daily in the recently held one-week long BollyFOOD festival at Lime which showcased cuisines of various regions of India.” And for their efforts, Hotel Jen will honor the Most Popular People’s Chef Title. This title is the choice of the people, our BollyFOOD daily diners at Lime, who cast their votes for their most favorite dish and chef-finalist.

Hotel Jen General Manager, Ms Vathsala said “the finalists spend the last week at Hotel Jen familiarizing and working with their respective appointed buddy-chef of the hotel. They worked along and featured their dishes daily in the recently held one-week long BollyFOOD festival at Lime which showcased cuisines of various regions of India.” And for their efforts, Hotel Jen will honor the Most Popular People’s Chef Title. This title is the choice of the people, our BollyFOOD daily diners at Lime, who cast their votes for their most favorite dish and chef-finalist.

Hotel Jen Malé, Maldives

The finale today happening on the highest dining peak in the Maldives, at Hotel Jen’s Azur Restaurant will starts from 4.30pm with arrival of guests and competition proper from 5.00pm to 6.00pm. Judging and Prize Ceremony will take place between 6.15pm to 7.00pm at Lime Restaurant followed by celebratory refreshment.

The Spice Route Challenge is part of a bigger program called “The Taste of India” which is a month long festival organized by the High Commission of India in Maldives in conjunction to Golden Jubilee Friendship Celebration between Maldives and India; with collaboration with Hotel Jen Malé, Maldives for second year running and new partner, the Faculty of Hospitality and Tourism Studies of Maldives National University. This festival comprises of a series of activities from August 2015 including Spice Route Challenge, Kitchen Khiladi, Cultural Events and the BollyFOOD festival hosted by Hotel Jen from 7th to 11th September 2015.

Hotel Jen Malé, Maldives

Ms Vathsala concluded saying her special thanks and appreciation to the partners High Commission of India and the Faculty of Hospitality and Tourism Studies and also the sponsors including Ooredoo, State Bank of India, NBCC, Salsa Royal, Residency Resorts, Taj Exotica, Maldivian, Mohan Mutha, Agora, Coco Cola, Nisran Pvt Ltd, TVM and Maldives Gas who kindly provided the gas cylinders for the finale and the priceless efforts of all local media throughout this month long festival.

Maldives Traders Hotel Rebrands To Hotel Jen Malé Maldives

Rebranding today as Hotel Jen Malé, Maldives, former Traders Hotel, Malé, Maldives, marks as the seventh Traders property to adopt the new Jen brand by Shangri-La International Hotel Management Ltd. Catering to a new ‘Jeneration’ of independently minded business and leisure travelers, the brand is launching quickly and on track for ten Hotel Jens opening in major cities in Asia Pacific by April 2015.

The Hotel Jen brand is inspired by the virtual persona Jen, a professional hotelier who loves life, travel and the adventure of discovering new places. Hotel Jen takes care of guests with efficiency and care, while also giving them informed access to the best a particular destination has to offer.

Hotel Jen Malé, Maldives
Hotel Jen Malé, Maldives

Mr. Greg Dogan, president and CEO of Shangri-La Hotels and Resorts, said: “The opening of Hotel Jen Malé, Maldives is a milestone in our ongoing plans to launch Hotel Jen across the region.”

“True to the new brand, the Hotel Jen Malé, Maldives team are embracing the changing demands of today’s more independently minded travelers. They appreciate important things done well; demand quality, comfort and value, together with honest, authentic service; and want privacy and efficiency without unnecessary fuss or intrusion.”

Hotel Jen Malé, Maldives is building on its existing culture and the staff’s local knowledge to deliver the new brand to guests. Embracing the concept of ‘staying with a friend’, guests will notice extra touches from a home-cooking inspired restaurant menu to offering simple pleasures of caring to individual taste preferences or styles.

Ms. Vathsala Subramaniam, general manager of Hotel Jen Malé, Maldives, said: “The rebrand to Hotel Jen will set new standards for guest experiences, which shows in the changing demands of today’s customers, both the new and ‘millennial’ mind-set and the increasingly socially enabled ‘young-at-heart’ existing customer. It is a revolution and all about changing our approach, starting at the very heart of our hotel – our staffs. Hotel Jen will still bring guests the same level of quality as before but now with a more intuitive service attitude and relaxed, friendly style. “

The informed and friendly service style will allow guests to discover the best of where they are through unique recommendations, from souvenir shops to finding the best local Maldivian hangouts to the best of local cuisines. The Hotel Jen team will be a guest’s own personal local lifestyle guide, making them truly feel like they are staying with a friend.

Cutting-edge technology includes fast free WiFi everywhere, all the time, convenient mobile charging stations throughout the hotel and access to over 2,500 online publications through a PressReader app, are a few of the many features. In addition, simple pleasures such as a laundry wash and fold service at one price for unlimited items in a laundry bag and free coffee and snack-box-to-go options after breakfast allow guests to get on with the things they care most about – life, travel and discovery. Guest comfort and safety are an absolute priority and there will be no compromise on existing, high-quality standards. In the next phase of the Hotel roll-out, Traders hotels in Beijing, Shenyang and Johor Bahru will be rebranded in March and April 2015, bringing an intuitive service and relaxed, friendly style to the existing collection of mid-range hotels.

Hotel Jen development projects are under consideration in key gateway cities in Asia Pacific, with plans to expand globally in the future.

Hotel Jen Malé Maldives
Hotel Jen Malé Maldives

Hotel Jen Malé Maldives

117 guestrooms with a choice of four room-type, ranging from 24m2 Deluxe Room to 80m2 Deluxe Suite with a rooftop restaurant and swimming pool offering stunning view of the Indian Ocean.

Located in Malé’s Green Zone nestled amidst the bustling government and corporate center; a mere seven-minute speedboat ride from the Ibrahim Nasir International Airport and a minute’s walk from the Malé jetty.

Rebranding offer: Make a room reservation at #HotelJenMaleMaldives and from US$299++ per night for stays from January 15th 2015 – February 15th 2015 and you will receive: complimentary return speedboat transfers from Ibrahim Nasir International Airport, one in-room snack box, breakfast for two at Lime Restaurant, afternoon non-alcohol cocktail for two at Azur Rooftop Restaurant (available from 12:00noon to 3.00pm), free WiFi for the duration of the stay and a late check until 4.00pm (subject to availability).

Telephone: +960 330 0888
Email: [email protected]
Address: Ameer Ahmed Magu, Malé, Republic of Maldives 20096

About Hotel Jen

Hotel Jen is a diverse collection of hotels in the best locations across Asia Pacific, with a unique brand of style and service delivery designed to appeal to a ‘New Jeneration’ of travellers.

The brand is the brainchild of virtual persona Jen, a professional hotelier and all-time lover of life, travel and discovery.

To guests, Hotel Jen delivers quality, comfort, convenience and value with a twist. Jen cares about what really matters to guests – the important things done well; comfortable rooms and honest authentic service; respect, privacy and efficiency served without fuss or intrusion; cultural insights; interesting experiences; and fast, free WiFi everywhere, always.

For more information and reservations, please contact a travel professional or access the Hotel Jen website at

About Hotel Jen’s Chinese name


Today – Travel

Jen is a lover of life, fun, adventure and discovery, and wanted a Chinese name to reflect that. ‘Jin’ (today) is about the importance of living every day to its fullest, in the moment, and Lü (travel) represents the idea that life is about exploring new cultures, experiences and ways of being you.

Together, the characters inspire others to ‘travel today’, so why not be a little spontaneous? Jen can’t wait to host you.