Flora of Maldives

Coconut trees symbolizes the tropical vegetation of Maldives. Some of the plant species differs in the inhabited to that of the uninhabited islands. Due to the influence of humans inhabited islands have small groves of banana, papaya, drumstick and citrus trees by the homesteads, while breadfruit trees and coconut palms are grown in available patches of land. On the other hand uninhabited islands have mostly different kinds of bushes (magū, boshi) and mangroves (kuredi, kandū) along the waterline as well as some coconut trees.

Fishes and Marine Life

One of the most remarkable aspects of the Maldives is the amazing diversity of sea life found in the archipelago, with wide range of corals and over 2,000 species of fish, ranging from colorful reef fish to reef sharks, moray eels, and a wide variety of rays: manta ray,stingray, and eagle ray. The Maldivian waters are also home for the whale shark. The Indian Ocean around the Maldives are abundant in rare species, of biological and commercial value. Tuna fisheries being traditionally the main commercial resources of the country, along with shells. In the few ponds and marshes there are some freshwater fish, like Chanos chanos and other smaller species.


Due to the oceanic location of the Maldives its birds are mainly restricted to pelagic birds. Most of the species are similar to Eurasian migratory birds, and very few can be associated with the Indian sub-continent. Some of the birds are seasonal, such as the frigatebirds. There are also birds that dwell in marshes and island bush, like the grey heron and the moorhen. White terns are found occasionally on the southern islands.


There are very few land mammals in the Maldives. The fruit bat or flying fox and a species of shrew could be said to be native. Cats, rats, and mice have been introduced by humans. In the ocean surrounding the islands there are whales and dolphins.

Free Shower Room

While traveling from hotels to the airport, it is likely that you may require freshening up prior to departure. The shower rooms situated next to the coffee shop will do just that for you..

Baggage Wrapping Service

Baggage wrapping services available is available at the landside departure area and inside the departure Hall for a fee USD 8 per wrap (terms and conditions apply).

Baggage Storage Services

24 hours baggage storage is available at the arrival plaza area. The charges are for normal size USD 5 and odd size is USD10 (terms and conditions apply)

Free Baggage Trolley Services

Free baggage trolley service is available in both the Departure and Arrival lounges of the International and Domestic passenger Terminal. No fees are charged.
Special assistance in the form of wheel chairs or stretchers are available and can be requested at the Customer Service counters, which also provide information and guide passengers to their required destination.

Infant and Mother Care

We also care for expectant mothers and new born babies, who may require special attention and care. Our public relation officer at the information counter shall be glad to be of assistance to the passengers. The mother care room is located at the 1st floor departure Hall.


A 24 hour health care center equipped with basic FIRST AID and minor health emergencies is are available at the terminal building. The health care facilities facility is manned and operated by AMDC.
The Pharmacy at the airport operated by AMDC is just outside the First Aid Post or next to the Bank of Maldives Airport branch ATM machine.