Kurumba Maldives Celebrates World Oceans Day

The annually celebrated World Oceans Day comes along every 8th June with numerous events and activities to be held around the world, bringing people together to celebrate and honour the ocean.

To support this global environmental initiative, Kurumba Maldives hosted a number of activities for guests and team members to participate. Complimentary Snorkeling Safari and Lagoon Cleaning in conjunction with Clean-up dive activities were taken place with the participation of those who wished to take part in the lagoon and house reef clean-up activities. Inspired by the theme of this year’s event ‘preventing plastic pollution and encouraging solutions for a healthy ocean’, the clean-up activity aimed to raise awareness about the danger of plastics to marine life.

World Oceans DayChildren were also encouraged to engage in this event and show their appreciation to the ocean in a fun Art Competition organized at the Kids Club.

World Oceans DayThe celebration day marked by a Marine Life Presentation which helps ocean lovers to learn more about the inhabitants of the ocean- home to a diverse range of marine life.

For more information about upcoming events in Kurumba Maldives, please check //www.kurumba.com/maldives-event-calendar

For more information on Kurumba Maldives’ CSR program, which includes environment initiatives, please check //www.kurumba.com/maldives-csr-activities

About Kurumba Maldives

Kurumba was the very first private island resort in the Maldives when it opened its doors in 1972 in the Indian Ocean archipelago of the Maldives, celebrates its 45th Anniversary this year.

Opened by four young Maldivians on an uninhabited coconut plantation island in October 1972, Kurumba marked the beginning of the tourist industry in the country. At that time, the Maldives was isolated with no contact with the outside world except by ham radio, no telephones, mains electricity or water, few vehicles and no paved roads, and only a small airstrip built by volunteers.

Kurumba began with 30 huts built of coral and thatched with coconut leaves; the first guests were barefoot backpackers in search of sand, sea and sun. The Maldivian hosts prepared meals informally. Today the resort is still Maldivian owned and managed. About 1,000 tourists visited the island in 1972; in 2016 1.4 million

tourists stayed in over 117 resorts through the Maldives.

Kurumba Maldives is set on a tropical island in the North Male’ Atoll, conveniently situated a brief 10-minute speedboat ride from the airport.

Kurumba draws on its proud history, charismatic personality and heartfelt service, to offer compelling and diverse experiences amidst a stunning island setting.

Our Maldives resort offers an array of eight styles of accommodation, ranging from comfortable Superior rooms to the spacious Royal Residence, spread among the island’s lush tropical gardens with easy access to the beach. With eight different restaurants and four bars to choose from.

Kurumba Maldives will charm you with its unparallel choice of dining experience and a wide range of recreation activities and entertainment. All while maintaining idyllic spaces of relaxation to create the perfect balance for a holiday in paradise, perfect for honeymooners and family alike.

Kurumba Maldives … Maldives in Full Colours.

Kuredu connected with nature

Kuredu joined global World Environment Day and World Oceans Day celebrations this past week with a series of activities and events that highlighted the importance of doing everything we can to protect this beautiful planet of ours.

Kuredu connected with nature

Kuredu connected with nature

To mark World Environment Day, divers and snorkellers were invited to participate in reef clean-up events. The four divers, guided by instructors Giuliana and Laura, removed four bags of debris that ocean currents brought to the reef. As a small thank you to the divers, a blacktip reef shark and an octopus made an appearance. Snorkellers also contributed their part – some were so eager to help that they even pushed their freediving limits to be able to reach some of the debris on the reef. A big thank you to guests, Nika, Zoë and Birgit for their effort – and for making the necessary arrangements for our snorkellers to see a total of six turtles during the clean-up. The group even saw Dory (blue tang surgeonfish) – she just keeeeept on swimming on her tidied up reef!

Kuredu connected with nature

Repurposing waste and turning it into useful or arty products is one way to help clean up the environment. The resort’s team members were invited to put their creative caps on – see below some of their creations. The items were also displayed in Babuna Bar.

World Oceans Day saw a seaweed cleaning, as well as a clean-up dive. Instructors Pierre and Giuliana took the group to the famous Kuredu Express dive site, where they not only removed several fishing lines from the reef, but at the same time also had enjoyable encounters, in 20+ meter visibility conditions, with four eagle rays, turtles and a reef shark.

Kuredu connected with natureThank you for supporting us in keeping Kuredu and its surroundings clean, one good deed at a time!


A new record was set during the environment week at Hurawalhi

With two major global environmental events, June is often referred to as ‘environment month’. Hurawalhi Maldives celebrated both World Environment Day and World Oceans Day this past week.

Ten guests joined the Marine Biology Center’s afternoon program. After a presentation about the importance to protect the environment, especially from plastic pollution, we went out on a mission to clean up the beach of an uninhabited island. Several bags of waste were collected, mainly plastic items. The obligatory toothbrush was among them. We last cleaned up the very same island on 22nd of April. The guests, Hurawalhi heroes of the day, were rewarded with a snorkelling session after the clean-up.

A new record was set during the environment week at Hurawalhi

To mark World Oceans Day, Lisa, Hurawalhi’s resident marine biologist, invited guests to join her for Nature Walks. Both sessions were highly appreciated by guests, for the walk allowed them to get to know more about the island’s flora and fauna and made them realise that Hurawalhi is much, much more than simply a resort. In the afternoon, Zoe Cox from the local NGO Naifaru Juvenile gave a presentation on sea turtle conservation; following Zoe’s knowledgeable and passionate talk, guests were invited for a house reef snorkelling tour, during which they spotted 22 mobula rays (Mobula kuhlii), the record for most sighted individuals at Hurawalhi’s house reef! What a rewarding experience on World Oceans Day!

A new record was set during the environment week at Hurawalhi

Divers removed debris, which ocean currents brought in, from the deeper areas of the reef during the house reef clean-up dive.

On behalf of everyone at Hurawalhi, a big thank you to all guests and team members who participated in World Environment Day and World Oceans Day events.

Hosts and guests at Outrigger Konotta Maldives Resort join World Oceans Day activities

Outrigger Konotta Maldives Resort today held “Our Ocean, Our Future,” marine awareness events to honour World Oceans Day 8 June. The events were an extension of Outrigger’s global OZONE (Outrigger’s Zone) marine conservation program, with all nine Outrigger Resorts participating around the world.

In the Maldives, Outrigger staff and guests conducted a beach and lagoon reef clean up to remove marine debris from the reef. Later in the afternoon there was a coral restoration program. After a briefing, guests helped the Best Dives Konotta staff attach fragments of coral to a metal frame which will be placed underwater to encourage new coral growth.

In the evening, guests and staff gathered around the pool and watched a documentary called “Planet Ocean” by Yann Arthus-Bertrand.

In the Outrigger Kids Club, youngsters participated in World Oceans Day by painting pictures with the theme, “My Ocean”. There were ocean face painting sessions, creating sand sculptures and a viewing of the Walt Disney movie “Moana”.

The lagoon clean up and the key activities of World Oceans Day were led by Best Dives Maldives.

This June, throughout World Oceans Month, Outrigger Resorts properties worldwide are offering a diverse range of immersive activities and conservation opportunities for Outrigger guests to get in the OZONE mind-set and make a difference, even while on vacation.     

Some 60% of the world’s coral reefs are being denuded by climate change, land-based pollution and unsustainable fishing. Outrigger’s OZONE conservation program encourages guests to become part of the solution by participating in marine conservation activities while on vacation.

World Environment and World Oceans Day at Kuredu

If you are coming to Kuredu next week, you have a lot to look forward to. With World Environment Day on Monday, 5th June, followed by World Oceans Day on Thursday, 8th June, you are kindly invited to help us protect the beautiful, but fragile environment that Kuredu is a part of.

World Environment and World Oceans Day, Kuredu
Kuredu Maldives Resort

The ocean around Kuredu is home to plentiful and diverse marine life, which for many guests becomes the highlight of their visits. Few places in the Maldives offer such a variety of encounters as Kuredu: the surrounding reefs are home to diverse coral, a plethora of micro critters and an astounding variety of fish. Sharks and rays are seen regularly while diving and snorkelling, as are dolphins’ leaps and twirls. The sad truth is, however, that the ocean suffers from marine debris, which ocean currents also bring to otherwise idyllic places like Kuredu.

Snorkeling, World Environment and World Oceans Day, Kuredu
Kuredu Maldives Resort

World Environment Day, 5th June

To show your commitment to a clean environment, you are cordially invited to join the Prodivers team for a house reef and lagoon clean-up event on Monday, 5th June, at 14:30. Snorkellers and divers are ambassadors of the ocean, so why not make a difference during your holiday at Kuredu and express your dedication to making this fascinating blue planet of ours healthier for everyone. Lagoon clean-up (for snorkellers) and house reef clean-up (for divers) will be free of charge events. Please sign up at the dive centre.

World Oceans Day, 8th June

On Thursday, special World Oceans Day snorkelling and diving boat trips will be organised. In the morning, snorkellers will head to two reefs and collect any debris they may come across, and divers will head to Kuredu Express and Express Outreef in the afternoon to enjoy possible big fish action and remove anything that’s not meant to be on the reef. The clean-up dive will be complimentary (*boat and rental fees apply).

Kuredu is always committed to doing everything in our power to minimise the environmental impact of the resort, but we know many of our guests are fascinated in both what we do, and how they can help, and next week will be a great opportunity for them to find out more.

Baby shark, World Environment and World Oceans Day, Kuredu
Baby shark, Kuredu Maldives Resort